“Que Sera Sera” is a comedic film inspired by my close friendship with drag performer A Man To Pet (Thanasis). It loosely belongs to a documentary tradition - planned on the spot and inspired by the subject and surroundings. The film was shot on a few evenings during the final weeks of Pale Blue Door - a pop-up cabaret cum dining experience in East London, which shut its doors in July 2019. The venue (which was also a home) was run by Tony Hornecker, and hosted by A Man To Pet, who lived next door. 
Having worked as well as lived at the Pale Blue Door for a short amount of time in the past, but mainly having spent numerous nights at Pet’s kitchen, developing and recording material for performances, I was motivated to create a film that observed the people who brought life to the Pale Blue Door and Pet’s flat, tracking interactions across the private and public spaces of home and performance venue. The impromptu conversations that occur on and off stage score the film's scenes, with occasional bursts of music. Pet’s performances parody any desire for authenticity, and replace it with irreverent humour, optimism and a love of excess instead. Pet's status as a foreigner (Greek) is given to explain his/her (at times) failing language, while allowing alternative meanings to be communicated, inferred or suspected.
 Shot on Super 16mm and composed of intercuts between the Pale Blue Door with A Man To Pet’s flat, the film functions as a bridge between spectacle and reality and sets out to record the melancholy of an ending. My relationship to Pet’s persona informs this film greatly, and so it takes centre stage, whilst also capturing the communal spirit shared by these friends and neighbours over the past decade

Que Sera Sera
23 minutes

Directed, shot, edited, graded by Alexandros Pissourios
Sound recording by Alexandros Pissourios
Sound mix/mastering by Andrew Watson