‘Of Nights as Light as day’

‘Of Nights as Light as day’ is the result of a designed trap. After a number of restless nights, Pissourios sets out to document his relationship with sleep through the use of a smart phone application which triggers recording when sound is produced. This system allowed for the recording and reviewing of his activity, alerting him to any themes and vocal patterns during his sleeping hours. As a direct expansion of this approach, he arranges photographic appointments with the full moon, setting up the camera to take time lapse photographs of its trail through the night sky. Pissourios edits these elements not in quest for knowledge, but as a arrangement of what could be expressed about something once it swam into the stream of the unconscious. The voice wanders through confession and invention, accentuating fragments but never arriving at a wholeness.

Supernormal Festival
Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK
screening by collective-iz

On Residual Agencies (screening)
Edinburgh Art Festival,
Morningside United Church,
Edinburgh, UK
Project by Leontios Toumbouris
Screening Programmed by Maria Anastassiou