‘Of Nights as Light as day’

Many works in the program employed parallel automatic processes, in exchange to some of the artists' direct agency. Alexandros Pissourios employed the time-lapse and the sound-trap phone application to allow a series of automatic documentations to occur. His materials were the reflected light of the moon, and the oneiric slips of his subconscious; both dark by themselves, never fully known, only fragments of them revealed via other sources: light and speech. The piece built a tension between the seductive movement of the moon across the sky and the uncanny intimacy that comes when in proximity to the subconscious of someone asleep.

Text by Maria Anastassiou from the On Residual Agencies screening programme

Supernormal Festival
Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK
screening by collective-iz

On Residual Agencies (screening)
Edinburgh Art Festival,
Morningside United Church,
Edinburgh, UK
Project by Leontios Toumbouris
Screening Programmed by Maria Anastassiou